Good Ingredients. Great Relief.

When a baby isn't sleeping due to occasional cough or irritated throat*, it's all a parent can think about.

The simple, drug free soothing of Natussa Baby Drops can help provide the peace of mind every parent deserves.  Our honey free formula includes naturally sweet Organic Agave Syrup for babies over 2 months of age.

To make it even easier, we have included an Oral Dropper with clear markings for assuring the proper dose.

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*Please see product labeling for full information on use.
2 oz.

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Good Ingredients. Great Relief.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Natussa Baby Drops is a liquid dietary supplement that contains Organic Agave. The demulcent action soothes occasional cough, irritated throat and hoarseness. A calibrated dropper is included to assist dosing and administration.

DIRECTIONS: Under 2 months: Consult your doctor. 2-5 months: 3 ml. 6-11 months: 4 ml 1 year and older: 5 ml. Use the dosing device enclosed with product. Shake well before using. Administer every 4-5 hours. Do not exceed 5 times per day or as directed by a physician. Use product within 90 days of opening. Please consult your physician immediately for worsening condition.

*See product labeling for full information on use.

Image result for this statements have not been reviewed by the FDA

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