Great Products from the Good Earth

Great Products From the Good Earth

Our Mission

BonGeo Pharmaceuticals’ mission is to create "Great Products from the Good Earth" with the aim of improving the lives of women and children. To achieve this, we develop innovative products with the best ingredients at a price that is fair to all.

We understand the importance of corporate responsibility and know our customers do as well. As part of our mission, BonGeo Pharmaceuticals donates a portion of our sales to Every Mother Counts, a non-profit charity that helps struggling women in the US and around the world access essential maternity care.

High Standards

"BonGeo" means "Good Earth" and represents our dedication to using the highest quality ingredients. In addition, each product goes through extensive pre-market testing. These standards, known as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) continue throughout the manufacturing process and final packaging before the product is sold to you.

Experienced Team

While you may not have heard of us before, it is likely your doctor has.  Our executive team has decades of experience in the nutritional and pharmaceutical industries. We are so confident in our products that we rely on doctors’ professional recommendations to consumers. 

This provides you with the assurance of knowing our products have met your doctor’s high standards before you (and your family) take them. We rely on doctors, not ads on the internet and social media like many of our competitors. 

Above all, our team’s personal understanding of the demanding life of a parent is the foundation of everything we do at BonGeo.  We are excited about our future together and inspired to continue to develop ways to keep your family healthy!