Need a little "TLC" from your prenatal vitamin? 

Tendera-OB is just what the Doctor ordered...

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TLC. Delivered.

Whether you’re pregnant or just trying, it's the perfect time for a little TLC. And Tendera-OB delivers in its own special way.

Tender...Tailored nutrition for you and baby.  A full 1 mg Folate, DHA, Iron and more.

Loving...Little softgel that is easy to swallow.

Care...Convenience of Free Shipping (with optional Auto Ship) means no trips to the pharmacy.

That’s why OB/GYNs recommend Tendera-OB. Place your order now and experience the difference the right prenatal vitamin can make.

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90 Softgels (3 Month Supply)

SELECT THIS OPTION IF: You want a single bottle of Tendera-OB (3 Month Supply) delivered one time to you.

Every bottle ordered is billed in 3 lower Monthly Payments of $24.99 to your credit card. Standard Shipping is Free.


SELECT THIS OPTION IF: You want to save 6% and never run out!

We will ship 1 bottle of Tendera-OB (3 Month Supply) every 90 days, and your credit card will be charged $23.49 per month until you cancel and the last bottle shipped is paid in full (3 payments per bottle). Cancelling is easy right online. Standard Shipping is Free.

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TLC. Delivered.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Tendera-OB is an orally administered multivitamin, mineral and fatty acid dietary supplement indicated to improve the nutritional status of women during pregnancy and in the postnatal period for both breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding women. Tendera-OB May also be beneficial in improving the nutritional status of women prior to pregnancy.

DIRECTIONS: Take one softgel daily with or without food, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

*See product labeling for full information on use.


Tender...Tailored Nutrition for You and Baby*

Folate: 1 mg Folate supports a baby's healthy brain and spinal cord devlopment.  

Iron: 27 mg of Carbonyl Iron-this type of iron was specifically chosen to be gentler on your system.

DHA: Supports a baby's healthy brain and eye development.  

 * Tendera-OB contains a full complement of nutrients including B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc and Copper. See Ingredients Tab for full list.  


Loving...Little Softgel

Designed for ease of swallowing-One of the smallest prenatal vitamins available.

Simply take one small softgel, once daily.



No Pharmacy Trip needed.

Free Shipping Quick and easy to order at your desktop or mobile device.

Auto Ship Option available so you never have to order again.  Cancelling is easy on our website.

Less Ordering Each bottle contains a 90 Day Supply.

One Fair Price for All No worries about private insurance copays or other private health insurance rules.  


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*Please see product labeling for full information on use.

Why us?

We formulated Tendera-OB around the concept of TLC-Tender Loving Care. We are so committed to delivering TLC to you and your baby, we put it in our name.
Our goal is to provide you with an easy and hassle-free experience both purchasing and taking Tendera-OB. Here are just a few ways we accomplish that:


Fair, Transparent Pricing:

Tendera-OB does not require a prescription from your doctor. This means we control the price consumers pay. Many branded prescription prenatal vitamins have copays and deductibles. They can impact your cost depending on multiple factors.  Prescription coverage varies widely, and some people pay much higher prices for prescription products than others.*


Convenient 90 Day Supply:

Tendera-OB’s 3 Month Supply means less ordering. Prescription prenatal vitamins’ quantity can be limited to what your insurance company will allow (30 Day Limits are common).


Free Standard Delivery:

Many prescriptions are picked up at the store. Our research indicates some women prefer to avoid pharmacies while pregnant (or with their newborn baby after delivery). Tendera-OB arrives right to your door. Choose our “Auto Ship” option and never run out. You’ll receive regular shipments until you cancel.


High Quality:

The regulation of the manufacturing of Tendera-OB and of prescription prenatal vitamins is identical.  Although Tendera-OB does not require a doctor’s prescription, it contains the same level 1 mg of Folate found in those products (including an advanced form of folate with other doctor recommended nutrients). 


Order today and experience why Tendera-OB’s TLC is… Just what the doctor ordered


*Not intended for Medicaid, Medicare or any other government funded plan.

 BonGeo Pharmaceuticals

Since 2014, BonGeo Pharmaceuticals has been developing "Great Products from the Good Earth" with our team of experienced medical professionals.  Make your purchase today and discover why your Doctor trusts Tendera-OB.  

Purchasing direct from BonGeo means:

* Convenient, Free Delivery to your door

* No risk of being exposed to illness in pharmacies while pregnant or with newborn

* 100% guaranteed to get what your Doctor ordered

* Direct pricing-No pharmacy markups-No unexpected private insurance copay bills*


Our Commitment

It started with your Healthcare Professional's Tendera-OB recommendation. We work hard every day to earn the trust of Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals like yours-and we'll never take that for granted.

Our Experience

Tendera-OB was developed with our team of OBGYNs, Nutritionists and other Healthcare professionals. Our team has over 25 years experience in the USA with leading companies in the prescription prenatal vitamin market. 

With Tendera-OB, that legacy of success continues.

Our Promise

With Tendera-OB, we have set our goals much higher. We will deliver a high quality prenatal vitamin with the fewest hassles, at a fair price for all. And no prescription required. That is our promise to you and your Doctor.

Your Journey

Now, it is time to earn your trust. Tendera-OB is designed to be easier to swallow, gentle on your system, and scientifically formulated by nutritional experts with 1 mg Folate-now available without a prescription at

A reasonable price for a full 3 month supply of Tendera-OB conveniently delivered to your door.

You'll give up nothing except pharmacy lines, unexpected private insurance copay bills* and those pharmaceutical rebate cards.

So, relax...Your incredible journey has begun. Thank you for allowing us to be there for you every step of the way.

*Not meant for Medicaid, Medicare or any other government funded or charity care insurance plan

Customer Reviews
  1. No drug store
    Who needs another trip to the drug store when ur pregnant? Shipping was free.
    Also I like getting 90 days at a time so I don't have to order too often. Just told my cousin to get these too.

    Review by Juanita

    Posted on

  2. More folate so OB rec these vites
    My OB told me about these Tendera pren vites. She said I need these cuz they have a higher amt of folate than regular OTC vites and bec of my situation last preg I needed that. I compared amts of folate and it is true theres like 25% more of folate in these.
    Ez to swallow too cuz so small and no burps. love.

    Review by Pregnant in NY

    Posted on

  3. Love love love these
    These r soooo small. I had grabbed another OTC brand from drug store and they were huge. Switched to these and it's been awesome.
    It arrived on time with pretty pink packaging too!

    Review by Christine

    Posted on

  4. Best prenatal ever
    I hate prenatal vitamins but this is THE ONE to take. Really small capsule and so far no nausea at all.
    These are affordable without going to pharmacy and dealing with all that BS with a prescription one. I tried to get the prescription one I was on for my last preg and it is now 110 dollars a month! These are shipped right to me for like 25 bucks and I think the shipping was free too. I went with Auto Ship.

    Review by Adriana

    Posted on

  5. Love it
    Definitely recommended! This is my first pregnancy and I have no complaints! These vitamins are easy to swallow, affordable and have basically every vitamin you need in them! Great quality!

    Review by Sha

    Posted on

  6. 3rd Prenatal is a Charm
    This is my 3rd pregnancy and I have been on 2 other vitamins but this one is the best. So easy to swallow and no upset stomach. Love the auto delivery option too.
    My copay was 100 dollars a month for my last pregnancy for an Rx product. I am loving 25 bucks! Keep it up BonGeo!

    Review by Taylor

    Posted on

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